Setup Windows 10/11 without Microsoft Account

Windows 11

With earlier versions of Windows 10 and 11, you always had the option to skip the creation of a Microsoft account and use a local user account. However, with the recent 22H2 update, Microsoft is now forcing customers to use a Microsoft account.


If you start the Windows 11 setup without an internet connection, you will likely get stuck on the Let’s connect you to a network screen with a grayed out Next button and the following message:



However, there is a way to bypass the internet requirement during Windows 11 22H2 setup.



  1. Start the 11 setup.
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  3. When you see the Let’s connect you to a network screen with the grayed-out Next button, press Shift + F10. This launches a command prompt.
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  5. Now run the following command at the command prompt:
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  7. After you execute this command, your system will restart.
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